Support for Seniors & Families


Hand Images with Medical AlertThe face of the world is rapidly changing. Soon the United States “will have more older people than children and more people at extreme old age than ever before”.1 More than 25% of all Americans, and 2/3 of older Americans are facing chronic health conditions.2 Managing these health problems and the transitions of care that accompany them can be very challenging.

Having a trusted medical professional on your team, like an Advanced Aging Life Care™ Professional or geriatric care manager who can guide you through many of these transitions and challenges can relieve a great deal of stress for older adults and their families.

We can use our combined experience in acute hospital, skilled nursing, assisted living and inpatient rehab environments to work for you. At Pathway Senior Care Associates, we are well versed in home health care, outpatient therapy, private duty aide services, and a wide range of educational and material community support services (including durable medical goods, medical alert, home modification, PDA Waiver, Aide & Attendance, certified elder law attorneys, etc.), which can help you or your loved ones maximize their independence and quality of life.


8 Areas of Expertise

There are primary eight knowledge areas of Aging Life Care™. Geriatric care managers and Aging Life Care Professionals™ use a holistic, client-centered approach to help with health and disability, financial, housing, family, local resources, advocacy, legal, and crisis intervention concerns. With more than 37 years of combined nursing, social service, and other related experience in acute care, sub-acute care, and outpatient care environments, our Pathway Senior Care Associates can help seniors and families who are facing challenges in these areas through assessment and monitoring, planning and problem-solving, education and advocacy, and family caregiver coaching.

Health & Disability

We understand the impact that physical, emotional, mental health and dementia-related health problems can have on aging individuals, loved ones, and caregivers. We can help you translate complicated medical jargon, navigate accessing appropriate healthcare systems and understanding individual health and disability related issues in a way that considers your individual preferences and resource needs.


As people age, sometimes identifying the need for assistance with paying bills, consulting with a client’s accountant, or power of attorney may be helpful. We can also help identify care providers, services, entitlements, and other community resources that can help address various aging-related financial concerns.


According to research conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), approximately 90% of seniors would rather “age in place” or stay in their own homes as they get older or face health and disability-related challenges. We can help identify options to remain home longer, or transition to other living environments like accessible apartments, homes, and senior living communities, independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing facilities.


Adjusting to a new illness or other aging-related problem impacts the person experiencing directly it and often other members of a family. We can help families learn to cope with these problems, clarify wants and needs, and reach compromises where family members may have differing points of view.

Local Resources

We are very familiar with a wide variety of local service providers, community agencies, durable medical equipment providers, and other helpful resources. Some examples of services we regularly refer to include disease-specific support groups and organizations, waiver and aid and attendance benefits for in-home assistance with activities of daily living, area agencies on aging, private duty aide services, home health and hospice, housekeeping, and transportation.


Sometimes our client’s need an objective third party to be a reliable and effective advocate so their wishes are appropriately addressed by health care and other providers. We provide this assistance because we recognize support may be especially important when the client’s family is not locally available or has other commitments that make them less accessible, or clients have cognitive or other impairments.


We can refer you or your family to legal experts, like certified elder law attorneys, estate planners, and assist in developing powers of attorney. We can also help you become more familiar with social welfare policies and how they impact relate to individual needs.


While planning ahead is a great idea, life happens in many unexpected ways sometimes. We help families navigate through emergency departments, hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays, and help advocate on so adequate care is available to the client. For families that live at far away, this can be a much-needed emergency contact.

Managing care for an elderly parent is a task for which one is never prepared. Even after spending over 45 years as a health care professional, I found that I had limited knowledge of the available resources and management options for my elderly parents once they required assistance with their daily care. David Hage, was able to provide a road map of the resources available through each step of the decline of my parents’ health and their increased need for assistance. He is a knowledgeable professional who was able to provide support and guidance about the complex issues of geriatric care.

Jean R. Steelman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

Adult Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist - Board Certified